Essay, poetry, 1999

“Kokoro: Japanese Moments” (essay and poems); author Birute Marcinkeviciute, editor Janina Riskute, artist Kestutis Vasiliunas. Vilnius, Vaga, 1999. – 38 pages (Lankai) ISBN 5-415-01373-3.

The manuscript of the book “Kokoro” won the competition for the annotated small book series “Lankai” announced by the publishing house “Vaga”. Published by “Vaga”.

“Kokoro” is collected diaries and notes about a trip to Japan. In 1997, the actress and the author of this book had to study traditional Japanese No Theatre and Nihon Buyo dance in Tokyo to experience a different oriental culture; this book was written unexpectedly.


I will wait
until my tears are poised to fall
lined -up like drops on a tree
I will wait for you
under the snow white moon
geese will fly away
they have survived on night’s linen
A few old women will leave for
the mountains to die-------
and I will leave
but I will return
a hundred year old pine on your path
the dark spirit of the woman you loved

(translated from Lithuanian to English by Jane Todd, published in USA literature magazine “Wild River Review”, 2006, Volume 1- number 3.2)   www.wildriverreview.com