Travel diaries, poems (2007) | Lith. “Cinamonu kvepiantys namai”

CINNAMON-SCENTED HOUSE based on oriental diaries, author Birute Mar; artist Kristina Norvilaite; editor Janina Riskute. Photos by Birute Mar – Vilnius: Kronta, 2007, – 207 pages. ISBN 978-9955-734-22-2.

“Cinnamon-Scented House” is a book written about the trips to Eastern countries (India, Nepal, Tibet) where the memories about the legendary Prasanthi Nilayam Ashram in Puttaparthi (South India), a meeting with a unique Indian spiritual teacher Satya Sai Baba, portraits of people encountered on the road, flashes of everyday life and spiritual experiences emerge.

“Dirt and eternity side by side, a world full of human rubbish and boundless depths of water; and those strangers, who suddenly become brothers, are no longer scary, no longer foreign, and you are not afraid to immerse yourself and melt, drink tea from their burnt pots heated on the stoves by the shores.

It is strange… For several years now I have been returning to these distant lands. I miss a colourful, murky, confused, poor room of a d i f f e r e n t  w o r l d from which I bring something that could be as a gift in a suitcase that clearly echoes inside of me for a long time like a tuning-fork by making me question how to live like a sound om vibrating in a native prayer…”