A fairy-tale for children, 2011 | Lith. “Princesių sala”

Author Birutė Mar; illustrations by Kristina Norvilaite; editor Janina Riskute – Vilnius. “Princess Island” is the author’s second book for children.

1st Edition – Vilnius, 2011. – p. 96, Published by “Kronta”, ISBN 978-609-401-088-0.

2nd Edition – Vilnius, 2020. – p. 96. Published by Kūrybos studija SOLO, ISBN  978-609-96178-2-4. 

In this great world, there is an amazing island which is transparent like a crystal in the middle of the sea. Princesses arrive from various lands to learn the princess secrets. There you can find the wise hostess of the island Amelia, and the carefree Indian girl Maja, the meticulous Japanese-girl Juki, the witty French-girl Faustina and the timid Smiltele from the Land of Rain and Clouds. They all dream of becoming real princesses and finding out what the biggest princess secret is…

“What do you think it means to be a princess?”
“Is it being smart? Special? Living happily? Marrying a prince?” girls speculated.
“It is not enough to be a princess with a golden crown. Do you know what the biggest princess secret is?” Amelia asked.
“What? What?” curious girls asked again.
Amelia paused, and mysteriously said:
“To shine. So, when people look at the princess, they would wonder: oh, she shines!  She probably has some kind of a secret. In order to shine, you need…
“What do you need?” the beauties asked out of curiosity.
“You need to know yourself. That is the secret…”