A story for children, 2014 | Lith. “Gėlininkė”

“Flower-Girl” (a story); author Birute Mar; graphic designer Kristina Norvilaite, editor Janina Riskute – 96 pages, 2014, Vilnius. Published by the charity and support foundation “Let’s Enlighten Children” (children’s library). “Flower-girl” is the winner of the second prize of the 1st National Children’s Literature Competition (2014). ISBN 978-609-95606-9-4

“Flower-Girl” is the third book written for children by the writer and well-known actress Birute Mar (the previous ones include “Maria ir Pukelis” and “Princess Island” as younger readers enjoyed them). It’s a romantic story about a flower-girl, Leja, who lives in a small town and knows how to talk to flowers. One day, musician Amadeus arrives in town and Leja’s life begins to change…