„Naktukas“ (a story for children); author Birutė Mar; illustrator Kristina Norvilaite, editor Janina Riskutė. p. 96, 2020, Vilnius. Published by Kūrybos studija SOLO. ISBN 978-609-96178-3-1




“Naktukas” – the newest author’s book released in 2020. It tells a story about a ghost Naktukas who arrived to Earth. The protagonist visits a special Music City, where the sounds of music are heard all throughout morning and evening. Here he meets his residents: the honorable Bach’s family, the beautiful soloist Ophelia, the theatre-guard Horatius, the plumpy ice-cream saleswoman, the lonely old lady, the dog Tootsie and others. People don’t see ghosts, so the curious Naktukas can secretly observe their world…

“Someday I will be born as a human… Then I will learn to play the violin. Or I will share ice-cream with everyone in the park. Or maybe I will skateboard and go on a swing for the rest of my life. Or not, I’d better learn to sing like a beautiful Ophelia… Or…”

People’s lives are so different. Naktukas wanted to experience them all. Taste as many portions of ice-cream with various flavours. Raspberry, chocolate, caramel, strawberry, mint…

Naktukas, the little white ghost
Naktukas and Agata, the girl with yellow shoes
Naktukas, the lonely old lady and her cat
Naktukas and Tootsie, the little dog