“Marija and Pukelis”, story for children, 2009 | Lith. “Marija ir Pūkelis”

1st Edition: author Birute Mar; illustrations by Valerija Medelinskiene and Kristina Norvilaite; editor Janina Riskute. – Vilnius: Dominicus Lituanus, 2009. – p. 108./ ISBN 978-9955-811-11-4. 

2nd Edition: author Birute Mar; illustrations by Kristina Norvilaite; editor Janina Riskute. – Vilnius: Kūrybos studija SOLO, 2020. Pages 96.

ISBN 978-609-96178-1-7.

“Marija and Pukelis” is the first book for children by the well-known actress and poetess Birute Mar. It is a real story about a girl called Marija and her mysterious angel friend, Pukelis. This book has a lot of playful stories about the adventures of Marija and Pukelis, the most unexpected encounters in dreams and reality, their conversations about very important things that even adults do not know answers to… Also, Maria creates fairy-tales and poems, so her dream job is to become a writer.

After all, we sometimes wonder: how did it happen that one morning we woke up here on Earth under that vast sky? And how do we not get lost travelling on our own little paths? There is possibly somebody who takes care of us and watches over us…

When we wake up very early, we sometimes manage to see winged creatures looking similar to white butterflies that are dancing around the morning sun. Or when you fall in love with someone – we feel the magic of a flying charmer.

This is what the book is about. Since her childhood, Maria has had an extraordinary friend, the angel Pukelis, who sometimes flies to her room. Yet telling others about him is not easy for Maria because Pukelis is indescribable…